Buy Now In-Store

Show interested consumers where to buy your products. Buy Now In-Store is easily integrated into websites, marketing campaigns, apps, etc. and shows consumers which retailers nearby have your product in stock. Create a next level store locator.

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  1. Buy Now In-Store

    Integrate Buy Now In-Store on your brand’s product page.

  2. Buy Now In-Store

    Our API knows exactly which stores nearby have the desired product in stock.

  3. Buy Now In-Store

    Consumers can easily and quickly purchase products at retailers in their vicinity.

Buy Now Online

Show consumers where to buy your products online. With Buy Now Online, you can include an option to “buy now” for every product, and direct users to authorised retailers. Our data is always up to date, ensuring the product is in stock.

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  1. Buy Now Online

    Integrate Buy Now Online on the product page of your website.

  2. Buy Now Online

    Our API knows exactly where the desired product is in stock online.

  3. Buy Now Online

    Consumers can order the product directly from the online shop of their choice.

Buy Now Ads

Integrate Buy Now Ads in digital ads and drive sales at authorised retailers. Create completely new revenue streams for your display campaigns and collaborative ads.

  1. Buy Now Ads

    Integrate the option to buy directly in your display ads & collaborative ads.

  2. Buy Now Ads

    Users can purchase the desired product from the retailer’s online shop.

Connecting brands and retailers to sell more. Online and in-store.

Exact tracking helps you understand users’ buying behaviour. Optimise your digital Where To Buy experience by using precise data and figures.

Big Data

Digital brand touchpoints

Brand websites, apps, display ads, YouTube videos, POS, newsletters, social media, smart TVs, etc.

Commerce Connector Platform

Our APIs link brand touchpoints to retailers who carry the products.

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Online shops and local retailers

Online shops and local retailers transmit their current product inventory.


Boost sales of your products at retailers – online and in-store. Help consumers easily buy the product they want.

…along with 230 other brands.

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Transmit the inventory of your online shop or local store to our platform. You gain new customers and sell more.

…along with 9,300 other online shops and local stores.

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