When do I need a Google Maps licence?

In many cases, using Google Maps for commercial purposes is subject to a fee. Do the following examples seem familiar to you? If so, please contact us.

Store locator

“Our store locator is very important to our business. Peak loads must be handled without incident.”

Asset tracking

“We would like to visualise selected vehicles, mobile objects and our workforce in real time (‘GPS tracking’).”

Internal use

“We would like to integrate a Google Map into our internal applications, for example within our CRM, intranet or extranet.”

Product integration

“We integrate Google Services into our own products or applications and sell or licence these to third parties.”

Advice and support

“For our business-critical applications, we need a service-level agreement and personal contacts who can support us in technical matters as well.”

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Benefit from our expertise

  1. Google Partner

    As a certified Google for Work Partner, we receive training and have a direct line to all relevant Google contacts.
  2. Possibilities

    We would be happy to show you the countless possibilities offered by Google Maps APIs as part of a no-obligation consultation.
  3. Licence costs

    These are dependent upon the field of application. We would be happy to advise you in order to find the optimal solution for your specific requirements.
  4. Personal support

    We will accompany you throughout the realisation of your project and beyond, acting as a sparring partner when it comes to further developing your business applications.

High-performance mapping platform

Google Maps for Work offers countless interface functions that may be used for your individual application. Contact us so that we can discuss your requirements together!

Integration Integration Integration

Google Maps JavaScript API

Google Maps Geocoding API

Google Maps Places API

Google Maps Directions API

Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Google Maps Roads API

Google Street View Image API

Google Static Maps API

Google Maps Time Zone API

Google Maps Elevation API

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