Connected Retailers
in NL + BE + DE
Average Ratio of Clicks/Sales
since Go Live
> 13%
for the most successful Altrex model

Since our cooperation with Commerce Connector, we noticed that we receive more appreciation from our retailpartners. Also we came to the conclusion that our website generates additional revenue and we now have more insight in our best-selling articles.

Rene Bruggeman, Teamleader Marketing & Communication

Providing the last step in the buying process


We invest much in online marketing, leading to more visitors on our website. Yet the Customer Journey ended there, because there was no option to buy an Altrex product. We searched for a solution to help our website visitors even further, by providing the last step in the buying process and increasing customer-satisfaction by offering a Buy Now button.  The goal was to forward highly qualified leads to our retailers, which led to stronger relationships with our retail partners.


A real time link with our products and points of sale, for consumers as well as for professionals. We now always have insight into the performance of our products and online retailers.

Build stronger relationships with retail partners

Why did you choose Commerce Connector?

  • CC already has many online retail partners of ours connected.  Not only in NL, but internationally. This aligns with our export ambitions.
  • CC gives us access to data via an Analytics Tool
  • CC provides us with an easy-to-implement Widget with customization-options
  • CC offers outstanding customer service
Quality on the highest level. Safety all the way to the top step. You'll find it at Altrex. For more than 65 years, we are ahead if it comes to access solutions. Always looking for innovation. For us, it is not about innovation but to make your work easier and safer through innovation. That is after all what it’s all about. The certainty that you work with the best. Not only today but also tomorrow. Altrex is always close. Our products are available worldwide.With dealers and outlets on all continents, everyone has access to Dutch quality and clever innovations.
Working safely at height: Altrex makes it possible, worldwide. Stepladders, ladders, scaffolds or triangle bridges. For every job Altrex offers the best product.
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