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Our cooperation is entering its 10th year now, which shows how satisfied we are with Commerce Connector and our partnership. Commerce Connector continuously develops new features and solutions, and their customer service is outstanding. We really value them as e-Commerce experts.

Thorsten Rösler, Team Leader Online Marketing

"All the clicks, amount of sold items and revenue are now visible to us."

Business need

For some of our websites we had implemented static links to our retailers. The problem with static links is that the product availability is not being checked and if the link-structure changes, this will also not be adjusted automatically. Additionally, we didn’t knew if people really bought our products at the retailer. As online sales gained more and more importance, we needed to find a proper solution to lead our website visitors to related online stores where they could buy our products.


In our search for suppliers we came in contact with Commerce Connector, with whom we are about to celebrate our ten-years anniversary in 2019.
We integrated a Buy Now Online button on several product pages. With Commerce Connector we found our so heavily needed motor that automated the entire process and brought us way quicker to the desired state of maturity. Additionally, Commerce Connector comes with an Analytics Interface. All the clicks, amount of sold items and revenue on country-, retailer- and product-level are now visible to us. This information is very valuable and useful for our sales teams.

"We found a proper solution to lead our website visitors to related online stores."

How come you are so satisfied with Commerce Connector, that you are working together since 2009?

We value Commerce Connector as a reliable partner. Their solution is scalable and can be rolled out easily to other countries or other CASIO product groups.
What we also liked, is that they are a Google Partner. In 2017 they organized an event at Google’s office in Hamburg where we were invited and informed about interesting developments in the field of e-Commerce. We have also invited them to a meeting with our Watches-distributors, where we asked Commerce Connector to prepare an interactive workshop. The feedback we received from our distributors was really positive, we really had offered our distribution partners something extra.

CASIO is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic consumer goods. The company was founded in 1957 and since then has been constantly striving to fulfil the company motto of "creativity and contribution". It expresses the company's commitment to contributing to society by offering the kind of original, useful products that only CASIO can.
CASIO's worldwide product range today consists of watches, electronic dictionaries, calculators, musical instruments, projectors, , digital cameras, mobile phone terminals, cash register systems and more.
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