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Commerce Connector offered exactly what we needed to meet our goals in regards of retail support and UX. Working together has been a great pleasure so far. We are looking forward on increasing performance and developing new projects together

Gregor Cerwinski, Head of Online Marketing

“All products in our shop can be purchased via our retailer partners.”

Business need

Deuter being a very retail-oriented brand is always looking for new ways to support our retailers. That is a very important part of our brand philosophy – and this includes the digital area.
We already invest a great part of our marketing budget in digital activities. The purchasing processes today are very complex. Especially in the outdoor field, many people research products online, but then buy them locally. So-called ROPO purchases (Research Online – Purchase Offline) are a common consumption pattern. Combined with the fact that we do not use an own eCommerce solution, this created the need that we still wanted to make our products more accessible for the customer. We were looking for a sales tool that would take the new consumption patterns into account and foster the cooperative partnership with our retailer partners.


Commerce Connector’s Buy Now In-Store & Online capabilities offer consumers the opportunity to either directly buy our products online or check for availability close by at licensed retail partners.
That means that all products in our shop can be purchased via our retailer partners. This works very well – we have above-average growth rates. But: The retailer makes the deal – otherwise we would contradict our brand philosophy. We see the retail as the extended arm to the customer.
We instead focus on the area that we do best: the product. By presenting the products and all purchase relevant information, we make the first contact to the customer. Via Buy Now In-Store we can bring online customers to the retail space of more than 600 stores and via Buy Now Online we can redirect them to the online purchase at selected online shops.
We are happy about how many of our retailer partners participate in this project. Especially important for us was to include as many local retailers as possible. Step by step, we can reflect the full in-store availability of our products online and guide consumers to a local point of purchase across all Germany. The good thing is that participation is free and easy for the retailers – also for those that are not equipped with the latest digital technology.

“We can bring online customers to the retail space of more than 600 stores.”

We have been in contact with Commerce Connector for quite some time until we decided to actually work together.

After analyzing the market, it was obvious for us that Commerce Connector would be the best partner. For Deuter, Buy Now Online and Buy Now In-Store are an important, up-to-date service solution for the end consumer and at the same time a very effective means of digital retailer support. Commerce Connector Analytics also helps us to gain insights into the performance of all our products and retail partners. Based on these insights, we can draw conclusions for our distribution strategy.

  • In-Store went live with over 400 local retailers within 6 months
  • Online went live within 4 weeks
  • Over 98% of our products are now available either online or offline resulting in less customer support requests (“Where can I buy product XY?”)
  • Online receives sales data from 11 of our 15 (73%) most important e-tailers
  • Made over 5.000 sales in 2017 (roll-out in April)
  • Positive feedback from both offline and online retailers due to high-quality traffic resulting in good conversation rates.
Founded in 1898, Deuter is one of the oldest but also one of the most innovative backpacks companies in the world. Close relationships with athletes and mountain guides as well as an outdoor loving team have been driving innovations like SL Fit for women, Aircontact mesh back system and sleeping bags with built-in stretch over the last decades.
Our vision reaches beyond making exceptional products. We create the exhilarating feeling of surpassing our own limits while in harmony with nature.
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