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Working with a large network of brands and retail partners means there are a lot of details to keep track of, and continual growth requires smooth collaboration with high-functioning partners who trust one another to get work done. Commerce Connector is reactive, flexible and always quick to offer valuable solutions for our needs.

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Groupe SEB, the global leader in Small Domestic Appliances and Cookware, is devoted to 150 countries with an extensive portfolio of almost 30 name brands marketed through multi-format retailing. 
As the world of E-Commerce steadily changes, brands must offer a harmonized and precise shopping experience for their customers wherever in the world they may be.
In the past, Groupe SEB used a static page displaying their various retail partners, which lead previously engaged customers to the individual retail partners’ homepages. Customers were working their way through a web jungle to purchase their desired products, lacking valuable insight into product availability. As a result, customers abandoned the buying journey.
Groupe SEB realized to make a shift. They needed a more advanced solution to offer website visitors a convenient and clear purchase path. To a higher degree, Groupe SEB was looking for a flexible partner who will provide automated product-related solutions that they can efficiently implement on a global scope and adapt to various local needs.


As the team started to polish their digital strategy, it became clear the objective was threefold. It was essential to offer customers a convenient buying experience, strengthen Groupe SEB’s relationship to their retail partners, and achieve a fast and frictionless rollout on a global scale.
The goal was to do this without compromising their distribution strategy. In cooperation with Serge and his team, we defined a specific scope to accelerate their digital marketing execution worldwide. As a result, Groupe SEB decided to implement our Buy Now Online and Buy Now In-Store solution.

  • We have actively connected more than 300 of Groupe SEB’s retail partners to our database to cover their retailer distribution. The Groupe SEB team has the flexibility to independently manage their retail network in our self-service platform.
  • For the company’s complex website architecture a customized integration was developed. Allowing Groupe SEB to independently adapt to both – brand requirements and various local needs.
  • A setup was created where the team was able to holistically analyze performances throughout all markets broken down to brand and SKU level. The new harmonized data structure allows the team to draw local and global conclusions on their customers’ buying journey on both a corporate and the individual brand level.
  • Exponential market X was achieved through a smooth collaboration between Groupe SEB and our teams in Europe, Asia, and North America – offering support during all time zones, as well as automated and customized processes. 

"We use CC admin report to have in depth insight and to extract the given data to feed our own internal dashboard"

Groupe SEB has been using the Commerce Connector Buy Now Online and In-Store solutions since 2012, where it’s live in 33 countries and 13 brands. 

  • Grew number of retailers by 198% since 2017, projecting a total of 333 by the end of 2019
  • Increased number of clicks by 145% within one year
  • 73 retailers currently share sales data, 243% increase since January 2017
Groupe SEB
Groupe SEB is the market leader in small consumer appliances, representing an astonishing number of 30 brands operating in more than 150 countries. The company is founded in 1857 and has been pioneering the industry ever since. With over €6,812M in sales, 1,300 own retail stores, and more than 34,000 employees, Groupe SEB is one of the most influential players in the market.
“Our global strategy is consistent with our long-standing mission of simplifying and embellishing the everyday lives of consumers and contributing to better living around the world.” Thierry de La Tour D'Artaise Chairman and CEO of Groupe SEB
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