SImultaneous Go Live of 3 brands
in 3 unique countries
number of clicks / amount of sold items

We needed a scalable commerce solution that fits best to our business proposition. Commerce Connector was the perfect match for us to reach this goal.

Pim Poll, Director Business Systems

"the best solution to integrate a buy now button to our brand websites"

Business Need

We launched our new e-Commerce platform with all new brand websites in July 2018 for all our key countries including the UK, Netherlands and Germany. These were focused on brand positioning and service, but a buy option was not yet integrated, therefore we were investigating the possibilities to integrate a buy now button as it looked like opening a brand new showroom without cash desks.


The Buy Now Online solution ensures that interested consumers can directly purchase a product at their prefered online retailer.

"Commerce Connector was the perfect match for us to reach our goals"

Why did you choose Commerce Connector?

The introduction presentation was very clear and transparent about all possibilities that Commerce Connector had to offer. Furthermore Rutger could convince us, that Commerce Connector was able to offer us a customized solution for our complex country/brand position including a scalable contract solution for our pan european approach.

Why us and not a competitor?
Commerce Connector understood the business case in the best way and put in the most efforts to show their possibilities. Furthermore Commerce connector had the best fit to the strategic sales approach of our company.

Smartwares Group
Smartwares Group is a fast-growing consumer goods company offering a rich selection of Smart Home essentials: crisp, clever, well-designed products to use in and around your home. We are a leading player in smart safety, lighting & home appliances.
Princess; Innovative and luxurious appliances make your life easier
Tristar; Quality shouldn’t be a luxury
Smartwares; A leading player in the field of safety and lightning
Commerce Connector Solution
Buy Now Online
Active in how many countries
Tilburg, Netherlands

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