Information on Data Protection

The manufacturer, whose digital touchpoint (, microsite, display ad etc.) you have here been referred to, uses our software-based service Commerce Connector Buy Now online ( previous Commerce Connector Online). The manufacturer uses it to point out to the visitors of his digital touchpoints any available retailers where a certain product can be purchased. The list of retailers that sell the product you have chosen at the manufacturer’s digital touchpoint derives from our software-based service Commerce Connector Buy Now online.

If you click the “buy now button” (the specific naming may vary) or a shop logo of a respective retailer, you arrive at the website of the respective retailer and directly to the product, which interests you.

What happens if you click the “buy now button” (the specific naming may vary) or a shop logo?
When clicking the “buy now button” you will be redirected to the selected online shop displayed on the manufacturer´s digital touchpoint. During that process, cookies are being used for a so called “sales tracking”, which we use to receive information on your purchase from a retailer. Cookies are text files that your browser stores on your computer. They contain information regarding your usage of a digital touchpoint.

To make sure that any user of manufacturer´s digital touchpoint who is redirected to the online shop of a Retailer has to explicitly confirm/reject the setting of our sales tracking cookies, we will display a so called „Cookie Consent Page“ upon a user’s clicking the “buy now button” (the specific naming may vary) or a shop logo on Manufacturer’s Digital Touchpoint of a retailer participating in sales reporting where a cookie is involved.

If you give consent on the „Cookie Consent Page“ we install for a limited period of time (usually 7 days) a cookie on your device. If you complete a purchase with the retailer during this period, we can access the cookie to receive the information that you have reached the participating retailer’s website via the manufacturer’s digital touchpoint. Furthermore, we receive information about your purchase from the retailer when you reach the retailer’s order confirmation page.

We receive no information that could identify you (other than the unique number in the cookie). We use the purchase information to prepare anonymous sales statistics of the products of the respective manufacturer which have been purchased via a link of our software software-based service Commerce Connector Buy Now online. Subsequently, we make these statistics available to the specific manufacturer only.

You can find more information on the cookies that are being used for this purpose in the following chapter.


Here you can find a list of all cookies that are being used for our software-based service Commerce Connector Buy Now online.

Name of Cookie Expiration Description



7 days This cookie is needed for the sales tracking in order to determine whether a purchase from a retailer is due to mediation by Commerce Connector. The cookie is set by Commerce Connector at the moment of forwarding, only in case the retailer that has been chosen by the user participates in the sales reports. The cookie will be automatically deleted upon a successful mediation, or else expires automatically after a period of 7 days, if by then no purchase has been made. The cookie saves technical characteristics only from which no direct or indirect conclusion as to the identity of a user would be possible.

If you want to deactivate the sales tracking of Commerce Connector in your browser, please select Opt-out.

If you choose to Opt-out, we will set a cookie in your browser that ensures that you are instantly excluded from Commerce Connector´s sales tracking. Should you clear your browser´s cache in the future, please repeat the aforementioned steps as the Opt-out cookie of Commerce Connector is then also deactivated.

Alternatively, you have the option to delete or block cookies in your browser. Please be aware that by setting your browser to reject cookies, this can limit the functionality of the manufacturer’s website from where you have reached this website.

Should you wish to obtain more detailed information on cookies, please consult

For further questions about data privacy, please contact

Right of objection

You may at all times, without indication of reasons, revoke your consent with regard to the usage of cookies for sales tracking purposes by using the above described option to block cookies in your browser settings. Alternatively, you may delete the respective cookie directly from your browser or use the above described opt-out option.